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Strawberry Cream Tincture | 1000 - 3000mg

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Brand: Aurora Pure Wholesale

Aurora Pure delivers a FULL SPECTRUM 1000mg - 3000mg CBD (major) with CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV (minor) and 0.3% of THC to create the Entourage effect for our customers. We use the whole plant to achieve the maximum benefit for your mind and body pleasure. Our Full Spectrum hemp extract is naturally grown in the USA, under strict guidelines meeting all GMP and FDA registered facility requirements. This strict process allows us to produce the highest quality hemp extract, allowing our clients to experience a better effect and benefit from the whole plant.

Our clients tell us that they experience a better night sleep, a less anxious feeling, less stress and body aches.

  • The Strawberry Cream continues to be one of the most desired flavors by our clients
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